DSN and DRN Series

DSN and DRN Series - Digital to Synchro, Digital to Resolver, Narrow Complete Modules, Isolated Reference & Signals , Choice SPI or Parallel Inputs, 3V/5V. Logic 


  • High Accuracy, 16 Bit Resolution
  • Virtually Indestructible Outputs:
  • Short Circuit Proof w/ Thermal Cutoff
  • Over-Voltage and Transient Protected
  • Drives High Power w/ Current Limiting
  • Commercial, Industrial-COTS, and Military Temp.
  • +12 and +15VDC Powered Models
  • Environmentals Guaranteed to MIL-STD-202E
  • Optimal Thermal Construct
  • Industry Standard Pin-Terminations
  • Transformer Isolated Reference / MIL-STD-1399
  • Low Scale factor Variation <0.05% nominal
  • High Reliability 883B-M38510 Units Available


The DSN - DRN Series are highly reliable, miniature, narrow profile and low cost, continuously updating Digital Synchro and Digital to Resolver (AC Sine / Cosine) Converters designed for military and industrial control applications.

They will accept 16 Bits natural binary angle data (unsigned  integer), and convert it into a 3 wire synchro or 4 wire resolver data format with up to 2 arc minutes accuracy.

All of these synchro and resolver converters feature virtually indestructible short-circuit proof outputs, overvoltage and transient protection, top surface heat sinks, current limiting, and automatic thermal cutoff.

Complete transformer isolation is offered for all reference inputs and signal outputs to eliminate ground loops, differing potentials, and to keep any high voltage transients from affecting the host system they are employed in.

The internal; reference and signal  transformers, rugged power amplifiers, and large top surface heat sinks, provide complete output drive with the best density verses heat dissipation per square inch, available for DC powered converters in the marketplace.

All models include an electrically isolated aluminum top plate for improved thermal dissipation, internal transformer isolated reference input, and are phased for direct compatibilty with competitive models.

For models that drive loads of 1.5VA or higher, internal output transformers are provided on all models with a rated frequency of 400Hz. or higher.

50-60 Hz. models use an external output transformer (for 60 Hz. converters that do not require output transformers Computer Conversions Reference Powered DSP Series converters can be considered).

These converters are suitable for driving most synchro control transformers and control differential transmitter type loads, synchro data transmisssion, and input to other synchro converters and solid state angle indicators. They have been proven to meet the requirements of MIL-STD-202E, including salt spray when mounted to a printed circuit card that is conformal coated.

The digital input is up to16 Bits wide, both CMOS and TTL compatible 5 volt logic, representing binary weighted angle. The converters are continuously updating, input data is immediately transfered to the outputs, input to AC signal output through-put is less then 100Usec..

The input data is transparent (continuously updating) when the enable input is high and is latched when the enable input is at a logic level zero. Double buffered latchesare provided internally to accommodate 8 or 16 Bit data bus.

The transformer isolated outputs and hybrid power amplifiers will drive loads of up to 1.5VA with +/-15VDC supply models, 1.2VA with +/-12VDC supply models and higher power options are made available for driving loads of up to 5VA. The +/-12VDC power models provide an excelent option for bus card  backplane applications operating with these voltages, eliminating the need for external DC to DC converters.

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